Woodubend Wreath (Set of two pieces) WUB1457 20.5x20.5cm

Woodubend Wreath (Set of two pieces) WUB1457 20.5x20.5cm

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WoodUBend is crafted from real wood, which can be drilled, sanded, stained, painted, and waxed. 

Once warmed WoodUBend moulding shape and become flexible. 

Paint or stain mouldings before or after affixing to the project.

WoodUBend mouldings can be ripped or cut with scissors or a utility knife.

Always warm WoodUBend prior to use, ensuring moulding conforms to the surface evenly.

Application instructions:

Warm WoodUbend mouldings with a heat gun or hairdryer until flexible.

Apply good quality wood glue to the bottom of moulding. I use Titebond.

Apply to project, immediately applying more heat to the moulding. This accelerates the bonding process