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Farmhouse Paint

Raise it 3D

Raise it 3D

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RAISE IT 3-D- a paste medium to create a raised relief.

  • Start with a dry base coat of Farmhouse Paint.
  • Lay desired stencil onto flat surface in proper placement. Then, tape down.
  • Using Farmhouse Flex Trowel, apply Farmhouse Raise It 3-D carefully and evenly through stencil.
  • Remove tape.
  • Carefully remove stencil.
  • If any product seeps outside of your stencil, while still wet, clean up with Farmhouse Paint Uh Oh! Tool (Per Uh Oh! Tool directions).
  • Allow to thoroughly dry.
  • Paint entire surface with same Farmhouse Paint base color.
  • Allow to thoroughly dry.
  • To accentuate raised detail: Apply Farmhouse Metalize, then Farmhouse Metallique Shimmers over raised relief only or entire surface, then apply Farmhouse Glazing Gel (Apply Farmhouse Glazing Gel per directions). Wipe with Farmhouse Finishing Cloth. Or just apply one or the other.
  • Allow to thoroughly dry.
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