Transfers can make a big difference!

Transfers can make a big difference!

If you have not tried the Iron Orchid Designs transfers yet, you need to!! I was told by a friend of mine that I needed to sell these in my shop. I was not on board but I reluctantly ordered some from her to give it a go!

Well.... The rest is history!  I ended up becoming a stockist and started my addiction with them!

I have to say they are super easy to use and there are so many to choose from. But if you want to give you project a little pop of color or design, these transfers are the perfect way to do it!


Here I added the Fronds transfer to the sides of the drawers. 

When you look from the outside and the drawers are closed you don't know the surprise until you open the drawers!  

You can also use to add something fun to almost any project!

I had a little obsession painting bottles!  But it is a fun way to try out the transfers before you go to a piece of furniture. 

This bench was one of my favorites! 


Try it you might just like it! I would love to see what you do!

You can see the many different transfers on my website or in my shops!


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